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    Professional Resume Solutions leaves a positive first impression. The prices are acceptable when compared to more expensive services. There are all kinds of guarantees at the website. Before you start reading the terms and conditions, you get the impression that this is the perfect service you can find.

    We never leave things at first impressions. We decided to check how the service works, and we offer our review from a customer’s point of view. (more…)

  • Resumes Planet Review

    ResumesPlanet has a reputation you wouldn’t believe. They have a tremendous amount of amazing resume planet reviews that extend from their website and go into all review sites online. It’s really hard to find a company with such a good reputation, so the Resumeplanet reviews basically make this a gem among resume companies. Even so, we can’t base our rating solely on reviews, which is why we dug deep and found out everything there’s to know about the service. If you’re interested to find out what, keep reading this resume planet review.

  • Evolution Coaching Review

    Evolution Coaching is a resume writing and editing service. On their website, you can find outplacement services, cover letter writing, as well as resume writing for various fields and people with different experience levels. Unless you read the numerous evolution coaching reviews that speak of bad experiences, you’ll get the impression that this website is the best you can find. After all, their pages mention companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Ford and say that professionals employed there trust the service. (more…)

  • Great Resumes Fast Review

    When we checked out the site in order to write this great resumes fast review, we were impressed. There’s a section called success stories that share some great experience with the company, without a single complaint about how they do their business. Even so, our impressions changed drastically when we went online and read quite a few great resumes fast complaints. This prompted us even more to keep going until we find out how good this service is. (more…)

  • Executive Drafts Review

    For a company that’s been listed by Forbes as a great source for resumes, is really unpopular. We were shocked when we read the executivedrafts reviews from people who have used this service. The rating outside of the website and on review sites like Reddit is not impressive, which is why we proceeded with our own investigation of the company. (more…)

  • Brooklyn Resume Studio Review

    We’ve grown accustomed to companies that publish only great testimonials to trick users to buy from them. But, we were still surprised and a bit intrigued when, on the website of the Brooklyn resume studio, we read that they have over 50 5-star testimonials! This is not a high number at all and the statement is so vague, you can’t even know how many bad reviews they have. Because of this, we proceeded to write a detailed Brooklyn resume studio review. (more…)

  • Craft Resumes Review

    When you have something as important as a job application to take care of, some questions will naturally pop into your head. When we first found, the first question we asked was – is it reliable? This question refers to whether or not the service is trustworthy and safe to use. Basically, the first goal of this craft resumes review was to determine if, when you pay the price to this company, you’ll be a victim of a scam or you’ll actually get what you asked for. (more…)

  • Resume Strong Review

    Resumestrong has a decent website, precisely describing their services. All webpages are full of neat and proficient write-up, instead of empty spaces and dangling graphical art as seen in many other similar sites’ landing page. The first glance at the site definitely makes one look deeper into the company. The detailed FAQs on the site would further clarify any queries or doubts someone might have in mind before placing an order with them. The site looks good and complete. But let’s look into its features in detail to see if this site is worth investing in. (more…)

  • Paragon Resumes Review

    Due to the emergence of so many job portals all across the globe, employers filter out resumes at a higher pace than ever before. This means, if a resume is not optimized for search engines, or the language used is not up to the mark, it may not even get through to the phase where it is shortlisted to be considered for an interview call, let alone a job offer. This is why there are numerous resume-writing services available online nowadays. Today, we are going to look into one such website – (more…)

  • Monster Resume Review

    While we juggle with our personal and professional lives, we might need to change jobs in between. The process of applying for a new job while continuing with the current job until we get a better job offer is a troublesome task. Instead of taking out the time to prepare a proficient resume ourselves, we can hire a professional to do it for us. There are many websites offering this service nowadays. Today, we are going to discuss the services and quality of one of these, which is (more…)

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