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Most Trusted and Most Experienced OR NOT?

When you need resume writing service, you find a vast range of companies offering professional resume writing. That is why it is tough to choose the one which will be able to help you to do the next step towards your success. And if you are reading this review, you are probably interested if ResumeWriters can help you.

Of course, you have already found a lot of reviews from students, and they vary. Some of them are positive, and others are negative. No worries, our honest, professional review of this company will help you.

Special Features

When you are looking for the best resume writing service you want to check numerous things, and sample resumes the company publishes is among them. And we managed to find more than 10 sample resumes on Resume Writers website. The quality of the resume was fairly good. Most resume samples provided are for career starters without a degree and for students. We have not found resume samples for highly skilled personnel there.

What is good about this service is that they have various guarantees and can issue the full refund if a client is not satisfied with the result. But when you are urgently looking for the job even average quality resume may work, since interview plays more.


This resume writing team has an extensive range of resume and CV writing service based on the candidate qualifications and specialty. You can order student resume, professional resume, executive resume, military resume and even Linked In profile updated by this team. Moreover, they are capable of assisting IT personnel with resume, which is quite complicated since requires technical skills outline and portfolio creation, moreover, it is hard to get detailed information about It person’s professional experience.

As you see, this company has a broad range of career help offerings which is great. Yet, there is no evidence that this team can provide such a wide variety of resume and CV writing services, again we were not able to find executives’ resume samples on the website.

In addition to the resume and CV writing, this team can assist with the cover letter writing. Cover letters are an essential part of the hiring process, and without a catchy message, your CV will never be opened by a recruiter.

According to the website, their writing service has almost 100% open rate, and all the candidates are getting invitations to the interview almost immediately. To prove that point they show a lot of positive reviews from the customers, and they look amazing. The impression is only interrupted by the average quality samples and no executive resume writing samples at all. Also, there are no LinkedIn profile examples as well, so it is hard to believe incredible quality they state.

Prices and Discounts

Each service this resume writing company provides has its price, and it differs from resume and CV writing to cover letters and LinkedIn profile creations. Price for resume writing starts from $169.95 per paper of Student’s level with 72 hours deadline. Other levels of resume papers are much higher, and you may need to pay up to $299.50 for a CV or executive resume with 72 hours deadline and none special features included. During the order you can add a lot of additional services to your package, these include urgent delivery (24 hours deadline), cover letter, Linked In profile help, resume distribution and even hard copy. Yet, it is quite expensive to get all the solutions you need to change or find your career path.

With such a steep price, how this service attracts customers? Maybe discount code should give us an answer? We have not found any online. They have some closed loyalty program for the returning customers. To get a loyal price you need to provide all the details of your previous order. We think it is hard to keep such details for a long time, since usually person changes work one time in a couple of years.

Customer Service

24/7 customer care is critical when you are ordering online. The majority of online businesses are international, so all time presence is a must. Here at ResumeWriters, there are only a few options available to the user. You may call them and write an email, no chat or skype for the people who have questions. The response time for the email is 24 hours, and we waited about 5 minutes to get our phone call responded. Well, not the most сomfortable support we ever saw, however, the support agents were very polite and professional, all our tickets were resolved very quickly.


The IT resume I ordered

The IT resume I ordered was so different from the samples they published on their website. This is a complete scam. I think the writer assigned to me has little experience in writing an IT resume because it lacked so much detail and information it needed to catch the eye of potential employers. In the end, I chose to revise the resume submitted to me by their writer.

October 29, 2019

My resume still looks the same

Working in HR and Recruitment means that I am very familiar with how a resume is drafted. As an executive, I do not have a lot of time to work on my own resume and it’s been long overdue. I finally decided to take up a discount coupon a friend offered me, and quite frankly my resume still looks the same. It just looks like a summary of my old version

September 6, 2019

Great Resume and Cover Letter!

This company was great to work with! My resume and cover letter were awesome and landed me a great job right away.

I don’t know what all these other people are complaining about, my experience was great and I WOULD recommend completely!!!!

December 18, 2018
Kari R

Regards to Resume Writers

I paid for an IT resume from and it was exactly what I wanted! They are perfectly described all my experience and qualifications. Delivered on time. I’m happy with writer and i can give fife stars!

December 7, 2018
Chloe Burton

Good service

My personal experience with hiring ResumeWriters was not perfect for a first-time user but I still find their customer service better than other resume writing websites I inquired from. I asked the guys to fix my LinkedIn profile and resume so I can attract more employers for job opportunities. Because I was able to communicate directly with the writer, I told them what I wanted to find in my profile. I requested them to create a catchy cover letter, something that employers would not just browse but actually take time to read. Thanks to them, my profile got more views which was what I wanted. In no time, I have landed a good job. If it were not for their help, I’d still be slacking off and waiting for job offers.

December 3, 2018
Jeffrey M.

I don’t really like this company

Yes, it is legit, but I do see why there are so many negative resumewriters reviews. My resume was not bad, but it really looked like it came from a template, and it cost me too much for that quality even with the discount code. I think I’ll go with another company next time I need a resume.

November 16, 2018
Martin Douglass

The worst services I used

I read about this company on Yelp reviews and decided to order from them thinking it’s a legit company that will meet my expectations. I honestly regret why I never used the discount code since the amount I spend was just written off as a bad expenditure. They offer the worst services and therefore I will not recommend the company to anyone. Hire them at your own risk since your expectations will not be met.

June 29, 2018

This was a waste of time

At first, I thought this company was legit after discovering it in one of the online review websites. Well, after getting a coupon code, I decided to just hire them as a trial run. This was a waste of time but I learnt a lesson. I will never order from any other company other than those found in resumewriters reviews website.

June 7, 2018
Tamara S.

These are not worth it!

Honestly, this is no different from any other writing service out there. You can find others, better ones on yelp or even on the resumewriters reviews website. These are not worth it, especially with their pricing. I ordered once, not ordering again.

April 12, 2018

Thanks for this review!

Thanks for this review! Love an honest legit one. I’m not really enthusiastic about these guys, I can’t find the discount code, and I asked them about the coupon code, and they pretended like it didn’t exist at all. I am missing that transparency, which makes me think they can’t be trusted. I’m not giving them my money, if I don’t trust them

March 15, 2018
Shaun T.

I found this service on yelp, but I don’t like it.

This review says it all – this is an expensive company that gives out bad resumes and cover letters. I ordered a package of the two, and did not like any of them. Fortunately, I did have a coupon code, so I didn’t spend that ridiculous amount on such bad service.

February 15, 2018
Joseph Dilbeck

Never order from them!

I read a lot of resumewriters reviews and they were all equally negative. And ever since I ordered my paper I can agree! I should have listened to all the testimonials on yelp. These guys don’t have a clue what a good paper is supposed to look like!

November 27, 2017
Monica C. Cales

Listen to my review! Their writers aren’t legit at all!

They probably don’t have degrees, because my paper wasn’t formatted properly and it had a bunch of grammar mistakes, which even I spotted. I expected more from a professional service that I pay for to do my paper for me.

November 16, 2017
Lana Presler

Where is this discount code everyone keeps talking about?

Where is this discount code everyone keeps talking about? I even talked to their customer service, via live chat, and they weren’t able to give me a coupon code! I hate false advertising, which is why I didn’t order, but I want everyone out there to be careful as well.

November 15, 2017
Douglas Evans

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