Evolution Coaching Review

Is it good resume writing service?

Evolution Coaching is a resume writing and editing service. On their website, you can find outplacement services, cover letter writing, as well as resume writing for various fields and people with different experience levels. Unless you read the numerous evolution coaching reviews that speak of bad experiences, you’ll get the impression that this website is the best you can find. After all, their pages mention companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Ford and say that professionals employed there trust the service.


When we did our close research, we found nothing online that mentioned cooperation between this service and such companies. It seems like the company has worked for some employers of these companies and decided to use that information to reel customers in, but who’s to say that this is true, really?


The trickiest thing to learn about Evolution coaching LLC was what kind of quality they provide to their customers. The quality is said to be flawless according to the website, but almost all evolution coaching reviews online include at least one complaint. The most frequent complaint is regarding the quality of their resume. According to the company’s customers, this website uses templates with little to no success in terms of landing an interview for the desired work position.

Because of all this, we decided to order a professional resume from a writer employed at Evolutioncoaching. We received the resume in five business days since we decided not to opt for the rush version. This version costs $49 and can get you your resume within 2 days only.

Once we received the resume, we understood why all those evolution coaching reviews had a negative note. The resume was not really tailored to fit the job position we said we plan to apply for. The writers’ work wasn’t impressive at all, which is why we demanded a revision. Unfortunately, we never got that revision.

List of services

The list of services offered by this company is extensive. They have resumes and cover letters for people with different experiences. When you order there, you can choose between the following service types:

  • Entry level resume service (limited or no work experience)

  • Professional resume service

  • Mid-level resume service

  • Executive level resume service

  • IT & engineering resume service

  • Federal & state resume service

  • Curriculum vitae service

  • Military to civilian resume service

When you open any of these pages, you’ll find a list of choices to pick from. These choices include a resume writing service, rush order option, LinkedIn service, coaching session, as well as cover letter writing. You can click on any of the services to add them to your cart.


The prices differ greatly between different service levels. For example, our resume cost $179 in total without any of the other products or features, but this same resume would cost $249 for mid level. The rush option is the only thing that costs the same regardless of what level you pick. There aren’t any discounts you can add to the quote, not even if you order all the items from the list the service provides.

Customer service and delivery

We weren’t sure if there are any packages that allow customers to get better prices if they order more items, so we spoke to the support of the company. They are hardly responsive, so give yourself some time to wait for a response if you decide to pick this service.

When they finally responded, we learned that there aren’t discounts regardless of how much you’ll order. We also waited for their response after the resume delivery, which never came. This is why we never got the revision we asked for.


Even though this is not clearly indicated on the site, the company guarantees all kinds of things that include quality, timely delivery, as well as satisfaction. But, seeing how they weren’t willing to do a single revision and didn’t bother to respond to our request, it is safe to say that they don’t stand behind all their guarantees.

To be fair, their guarantee for timely delivery has a good reputation. Until this point, we’ve never read a review that says otherwise.

Online reputation

This company is low-rated among its customers. If you go online to read about it, you’ll read testimonials with similar experiences as others. It might not be the most expensive company you can find, but it is definitely highly priced considering that they don’t have a great reputation with their customers.


Evolution Coaching looks like a trustworthy company, but we didn’t leave the site with that impression. This is a legit service in the sense that they deliver the services you order. However, the quality of their resume does not fit the prices the company charges, especially not since they don’t provide any discounts or revisions in case something goes wrong.


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