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For a company that’s been listed by Forbes as a great source for resumes, Executivedrafts.com is really unpopular. We were shocked when we read the executivedrafts reviews from people who have used this service. The rating outside of the website and on review sites like Reddit is not impressive, which is why we proceeded with our own investigation of the company.


Our job is to find out what kind of quality can be expected from a professional writing service and provide the information in the form of a review. This is our priority and, as such, takes most of the time we spend on the evaluation. When it comes to Executive drafts, we found that quality is not their strong side. If you go beyond their site to read some of the executive drafts reviews people have written, you’ll often read about poor service or high prices.

executive drafts website


There are positive comments, too, which made it even more important for us to order from their staff and see how they work. The best way to determine the quality of a writer and a service is to become their client. In this case, our experience was far from impressive. We had a consultation with one of their experts, followed up by the creation of a resume package. The cost of the package would be really high even if the quality were as promised, but it was definitely not what we asked for.

List of Services

The list of services at Executive Drafts consists of three options to begin with. We say ‘begin with’ because you can further customize these options.

The first type of help offered by the company is ‘The Associate’ offer. This is offered to people with less than 5 years of experience, such as entry-level professionals and new graduates. It consists of a phone consultation and a multi-draft resume process. It’s the most basic offer and still, it costs $245.

We went for the second option which is probably selected more often – the ‘professional’ offer. This one is given to those with over five years of experience or people with advanced degrees (even if they don’t have experience in the chosen career). It includes a phone consultation, multi-draft resume process, work done by their senior level writers, and complimentary touch-ups.

Finally, there’s the ‘executive’ offer that gives you ‘unlimited access to their staff’. This one can be used by anyone who prefers a more luxurious offer that includes the features discussed above, plus interview coaching, cover letter, and salary negotiation assistance with your potential recruiter.


We already gave you a price that was shockingly high, but that’s the lowest you can pay. The other two packages cost $299 and $499, respectively.

executive drafts prices


When we saw the customization option, we were relieved. We thought that you could get a discount if you order ahead or eliminate something from the package. However, the customization can only increase the price, not decrease it. Basically, you can add some extra features to your order, such as rush processing, LinkedIn profile help, etc.

Customer Service and Delivery

Despite the fact that they’ve claimed to have a non-stop service, it took them a while to respond when we wrote on the live chat. We waited for about 15 minutes for an actual person to replace the bot, which is when we used the phone number listed on the website.

This method works pretty well. The agents respond fast and are highly professional. However, we weren’t impressed by the writers and, based on their rules and policies, we weren’t entitled to a refund. They didn’t even offer us a discount if we used the company again, which was even more frustrating.

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Guarantees at this company are only explained in three short sentences. They say that if you don’t like the resume, you can go back for a revision. In our case, we weren’t given the resume in drafts as promised, but as a whole. When we requested a revision, we got a total of one free revision, and it came four days later. This is unacceptable based on how much we’ve spent on the company, but the writer actually met our expectations with the revision.

Online Reputation

The products of this company are far from bad, but because of the high prices, the company does not enjoy high popularity. They are praised by trustworthy sources like Forbes, but the results from our order were not as impressive as you’d expect when you pay hundreds of dollars for a single product – a resume. If the package contained more items and had the lowest price offered here, it might have been a good bargain. However, seeing how their highest priced package has a few more items in it, it’s understandably not a popular service with people looking for a job.


This company has a good reputation with delivery and quality, but their prices are higher than most can afford when looking for a job. Even if you can afford it, paying $500 for a package is still extravagant, and the service isn’t as ideal as you’d think when you hand them this sum.


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