Craft Resumes Review

Can they make the quality resume for you?

When you have something as important as a job application to take care of, some questions will naturally pop into your head. When we first found, the first question we asked was – is it reliable? This question refers to whether or not the service is trustworthy and safe to use. Basically, the first goal of this craft resumes review was to determine if, when you pay the price to this company, you’ll be a victim of a scam or you’ll actually get what you asked for.



It’s easy to say that some customers are now employees at some of the best companies of the world, but how much does this say about your work, really? There’s much more to a job application and success than just the resume a writer crafts for you.

At craft resumes, we expected better quality from what we actually got. So, even though some of their statements about those big companies like Google and Amazon could be true, there’s no way to ever find out, is there? In fact, every single customer complaint we read about the company mentioned two big problems – bad writers and high prices.

Crafts Resumes Website

List of Services

There’s a whole list of services, prices and discount offers included, on the price page of the company. Here you’ll find what we believe is one of the biggest lists of professional resume services, which is a great thing. There’s not such a thing as a coupon you can use for a discount at craft resumes, but some of their prices are said to already be discounted. These discounts are given to bulk order, pre-set packages you can choose between.

Basically, in the list, you can find all the combinations of the following services: resume writing/ editing, CV writing/ editing, cover letter writing, thank-you letter writing, follow-up letter writing, LinkedIn profile, and KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities. Therefore, this list isn’t all that grand as you’d think, but it does contain the essentials, as well as any combination you can think of.


The money you’ll be asked to spend on the website will be determined by many things, such as what service you choose, whether or not you choose a package, and what level of experience you have. The options include entry level, professional level, executive level, military level, and federal level. As these go higher, so do the prices.

To give you an idea of what these are like, here are some examples:

  • Resume writing costs $139 for entry up to $329 for federal level

  • A resume and CV combo costs from $450 for professional to $670 for executive level

  • A LinkedIn profile costs $79 for executive level and professional level, and $59 for entry level

Customer Service and Delivery

As you noticed, the prices aren’t really high, but not really low, either. There are some occasional discounts and special offers that are added directly to this page, based on craft resumes reviews. At the moment, there were some discounts for entry level candidates that make the quotes lower, but we still had troubles figuring out what those packages of theirs included.

We asked the support, but it took them far too long to respond. We got a response in hours, not minutes, which isn’t really professional. For the rates they charge, this could go faster.


Except for a vague and quite funny answer in the FAQ, there’s nothing about the guarantees the company offers. This is disappointing. The question is whether or not they guarantee employment or an interview. The company decided to put this in their FAQ section and yet, their answer says nothing.

All they say is that they have amazing writers that will definitely give you a nice resume, cover letter, etc. But, there’s nothing about what would happen if they don’t, not even a mention of free revisions.

Online Reputation

The online reputation of this company is not great. This isn’t one of those high priced resume services that people run away from, so they do have plenty of feedback online, meaning that they have their fair share of customers. However, the quality isn’t often praised and, if you check their online reputation, you might decide to go elsewhere for your job application preparation.


Our experience and evaluation of this particular company yielded both positive and negative results. The positive about this service is their pricing system that’s not too steep and often includes some generous discounts. Seeing how many companies don’t bother to offer this, it’s definitely a plus. However, they aren’t known for consistent quality and have no guarantees in place at all. This doesn’t really put them at the top of the resume writing lists since, if you don’t like something about your resume, there’s nothing you can do about it.


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