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Customers Feedback You Should Read Before Ordering

We’ve grown accustomed to companies that publish only great testimonials to trick users to buy from them. But, we were still surprised and a bit intrigued when, on the website of the Brooklyn resume studio, we read that they have over 50 5-star testimonials! This is not a high number at all and the statement is so vague, you can’t even know how many bad reviews they have. Because of this, we proceeded to write a detailed Brooklyn resume studio review.


The quality as seen in Brooklyn resume studio reviews is confusing and barely comparable. There are comments that praise the writer team of this service, but there are also testimonials that judge their work, prices, and support.

To see which one is more likely to happen if you order, we ordered a brand-new resume from the site. Our package included several services like a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile development. Since the information on the website is really limited, we had to talk to an expert of the support service to learn about the prices and services.

Brooklyn resume studio website

This was frustrating on its own, especially when we heard of the prices this brand offers. In terms of the quality, the work was professional and well-handled, but the expert had forgotten to insert some important things in our resume and cover letter. So, for the biggest price we’ve ever paid, we even had to ask for a revision, which is not a good thing.

List of Services

Some of the most important things are excluded from the website, so we had to ask about everything by contacting the company’s agents. However, there is a complete service list split into two categories:

  • Resume services (resume writing, cover letters, LinkedIn profile development, follow up communications, executive bios, personal brand development, online profile and website content, portfolio critique, interview coaching, and career coaching;
  • Personal branding services (basic personal and portfolio websites, personal logos, branded business cards, infographics and graphical bios, LinkedIn profile photos or digital headshots, creative portfolio reviews, design packages).

This is, without a shred of doubt, the biggest list we have seen in such a company. It offers everything you’ll ever need for your career. However, these services don’t come in packages and with fixed prices. You have to choose from the list, contact them as a potential client, and wait for their quote.

Brooklyn resume studio Services


If you go to the website to find Brooklyn resume studio prices, you’ll be disappointed. They’ve decided not to share this ‘small detail’ with the visitors. So, we ended up waiting for an expert of theirs to tell us how much our selected services will cost.

They cost a fortune here. has the grandest service list available, but they also have some of the most extravagant prices we have seen. We paid over $400 for a resume and a LinkedIn profile. When we asked for a discount, they offered to toss a cover letter in there, too. This wasn’t something we needed for the job, but it was the only thing we could get.

Customer Service and Delivery

When you pay such high prices and are asked to wait for a quote, you’d think that the quote will come right away. But, be prepared to answer many questions before they decide what they’ll charge you. The customer support is as professional as it gets and you can ask them any question you want. But, when they gave us the price, we were overly disappointed, so the good impression from the customer service quickly faded.
Delivery is never an issue here, at least not from our experience and from what we read about when we checked the feedback.


A highly priced company such as this one should have some serious guarantees in place. We found nothing on the website, not even a mention of a guarantee. So, we weren’t all that surprised that they asked us to pay for a revision. When they asked for another big sum to revise the thing their writer did wrong in the first place, we decided we’ll make the change on our own.

Online Reputation

A company without a revision guarantee or prices can’t really be considered a success, can it? This company isn’t popular at all and we now know the reason. Their product list is the most versatile we have ever seen, and we’ve seen our fair share of resume companies. But, when clients hear of the prices, they immediately search for a new service. This company is used by people searching for a job or help with their work, which means that most of them can’t or won’t pay hundreds of dollars for a resume without a guarantee.

Brooklyn resume studio reputation


Some things about the company are better than most services offer on the resume market, such as the service list and the support. However, this is not sufficient to convince visitors to buy here, especially when they have to ask for a quote that’ll very likely be higher than they have ever paid.


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