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The number of resume companies has been growing for some time now. Statistics show that people are more likely to get hired with a great resume, so companies offer such assistance online now. But, out of those numerous companies, only few have a standing reputation. When we read some Resume Professional Writers reviews, we learned that this is one of those companies. Almost all the Resumeprofessionalwriters reviews say good things about the writers, the support, and the company in general, which is great news for this review.

Still, we wanted to see everything before giving you a final rating for the service. Here are the details of our review.


The most popular package at the company was said to be the premium package, so that’s the one we chose when we ordered. This package isn’t cheap, not at all. However, it was worth it. The quality was great and the resume was perfectly formatted. Such a service would definitely give a person a higher chance at landing a job.

Now, this package is popular because it includes cover letter and thank-you letter, but also a posting on 25 job boards by the service. In our case, this resulted in several interview invitations without us having to send out the resume anywhere, which is excellent news and means that the writer did the job well.


This was the part that took some points from Resumeprofessionalwriters in our resume. The service is popular and safe to use, but this also means that it isn’t cheap, not if you want to get bigger and more promising packages.

If you order here, you can choose the smaller packages at a great price, but they won’t get you a cover letter or the resume distribution service we really loved. If you can afford it, you should definitely go for that option.

Before we list the packages, you should know that all of them share these features: professional resume, interview guarantee, professional formatting, industry-targeted keywords, unlimited revisions, and Word and PDF copies. Here are the packages you can find at this company and the prices they’re offered at:

  • Basic package at $125
  • Deluxe package (all the features plus a cover letter and a thank-you letter) at $195
  • Premium package (all the features of the deluxe package plus the resume distribution) at $305
  • Ultimate package (all the features of the premium package plus follow-up letter, LinkedIn profile, and free e-books)

There’s one big difference between these packages that greatly influences the price, too – the delivery timeframe. The first package is delivered within 4 days, the second package within 3 days, the third package within 2 days, and the fourth package within 24 hours. These are the shortest deadlines we’ve seen in such companies and the fact that the company has a good delivery reputation is great news.


The customer service here is great. We instantly got a message in the live chat asking if we had any questions. We spoke to that agent to get some answers about the service and see if they are always available as the website says. That’s the truth – this is one of the rare ones with a non-stop support service.

Delivery hasn’t been an issue here, not from what we could read in testimonials. It wasn’t an issue in our case because our package came in less than 2 days, as promised. That kind of quality is hard to get from services nowadays, and getting it as soon as a really pleasant surprise.

The company has a common guarantee. If you don’t get an interview invitation, they guarantee a full free revision. We haven’t read of such cases, which is amazing news, but that also means that we can’t know if the guarantee is real or not. Even so, it’s good that they have it in the first place, and even better that we didn’t need it at all.

User Reviews

Waste your money if you want.

Total waste of money. Zero command of the English language. So poorly done and when you complain they “change” the writer, however I’m 99.999% certain it’s the same person! If the person’s writing my resume real name was Julia, I’m a monkey’s uncle!

December 5, 2019
Ben H

Bad company

One of the international companies was seeking to hire accountants and I was really interested in the job. Therefore, I wanted to have a LinkedIn profile written by a resumeprofessionalwriters reviews. I got a promo code from the company and thought the work would be delivered within the shortest time; little did I know they would not meet the deadline. I ended up submitting a late application and so my application was rejected.

June 17, 2018
Kerry P.

Resumeprofessionalwriters is the worst company

I read reviews of Resumeprofessionalwriters and it is the worst company I have ever hired in my lifetime. After checking out my friends LinkedIn profile, I thought hiring the company to writer my profile was a wise idea. On signing up for their service they awarded me a coupon code and so I redeemed it. Sincerely, I had to pull down my profile after seeing what they had written. Had I spent a cent, I would demand a refund since the work was poorly done.

May 9, 2018
Mbadi S.

Just too expensive

Who in their right mind would ever pay $485 for a resume? What they offer, I could do that myself, with a little guidance online. I just think this is a hefty price for a basic resume you can do on your own, if you just invest a little time. No, thanks, just too expensive, even with a promo code or a coupon code!

April 4, 2018
Kevin C.

I was excited to try them out…

…but after reading the resumeprofessionalwriters reviews, and this one in particular, I decided I don’t really want to. I went onto their website, and I think that it really doesn’t look professional. Not at all. I decided to go on Linkedin and find a professional for three times less money.

March 21, 2018
Leila G

I decided to give this company a shot

I got a coupon code on my e-mail a while ago, and since it was time for me to update my resume and the LinkedIn profile, I decided to give this company a shot. This turned out to be a bad idea and an even worst investment, since what the writers did here did not even fit the price I paid with the discount.

February 18, 2018
Matthew Abbate

This company is actually bad in writing resumes and very expensive

When I first found, I thought I should give it a shot because of the promo code. The prices were high on the website and there were many resumeprofessionalwriters reviews that concerned me, but I thought ‘if they charge that much, they must be good’. I now know I was wrong, this company is actually bad in writing resumes and very expensive.

February 11, 2018
Manuel Hiccks

I have to warn everybody

I hate to be one of the many resumeprofessionalwriters reviews, but I have to warn everybody. They are just not that great. The samples are probably not theirs, because my resume was terrible. I ended up writing it myself, and asking a friend to find a writer on linkedin to help me with it. It’s so sad, don’t order from them.

November 30, 2017
Kathleen Hancock

Don’t waste your money on these guys

Even with a promo code they are too expensive. I was hoping that the coupon code would be legit, but it turns out it isn’t. I have no idea what I paid for, but it definitely wasn’t like they said it would be. I hate services that lie about what they cost.

November 21, 2017
Amanda D.

They take so long to deliver

I don’t know how anyone can order papers from them, they take so long to deliver! I ordered an essay and a research paper introduction to be written, and I waited forever to get my paper. Not only did they not respect the deadline, they were completely not responsive.

November 14, 2017

No answer from the career specialist.

Called on several occasions at different times, and I wasn’t able to reach anyone. That’s terribly unprofessional. Didn’t order a resume and now I’m thinking long and hard about ordering one.

September 21, 2017

Don’t ever bother with their customer service.

It’s like they don’t care or don’t exist. I heard about a coupon from my friend, and he said I should talk to their customer support. But when I asked them about it, they completely ignored me.

September 21, 2017

The quality could be better…

The quality could be better, because you’re paying a top dollar for experts to write this thing. I was happy with it, but I was expecting resume miracles and not just a regular resume I could find on Google. If I had to, I wouldn’t order again.

September 21, 2017
Mary Clark

They were so late with my resume…

I was really hoping to score this job, and I thought they were going to be able to do it for me in two days. Unfortunately, they didn’t and I was late for the application process. It’s very disappointing

September 21, 2017
Otto J.

Believe it or not, I paid the highest price for my resume…

Believe it or not, I paid the highest price for my resume, and my friend chose the lowest package. We couldn’t even see the different between the two, and I paid triple the price she did! If you do want to order, go for the cheapest package.

September 21, 2017
Leila P.

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