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When it is time to change the career path it’s sometimes hard to create a resume which will lead to your main aim – get the dream job. Moreover, at today’s market, in addition, to resume you need to have a CV, well-written cover letter, LinkedIn profile and always be ready for the interview with tricky questions invented by human resources professionals. The is what is probably so-called a professional career consulting service which provides all services you need to get a new job.

A quality resume is a basis for your search and now it’s possible to order it online. The customer reviews one of the factors which will influence your decision. We were not able to find lots of resumetarget reviews from customers, so decided to write our own in order to help you to decide are they worth your attention and will they be able to deliver everything you need to get a job of your dream.



Since it’s hard to determine whether the service is really capable to deliver the high-quality resume only by reviewing the samples, we decided to order hard-to-write executive resume for the fake person. We passed all required details to the team and selected advanced package. After that, we were interviewed via phone and the writer assured that the resume will be brilliant.

The paper came in a couple of days, and we were not excited about this content. It has been created using standard Microsoft Word template following very standard structure. Moreover, we found some stylistic errors in the content. Moreover, there were some grammatical errors as well.

List of Services and Prices

The best resume writing companies usually offer a wide spectrum of career services. Which include but not limited to resume writing, LinkedIn profile creation, cover letter writing, resume design, CV writing, interview consulting and several others less important. This service is trying to offer everything you might need. Yet, they are quite expensive comparing with the competitors.

The price here depends on several factors. First is the career level starting from student and ending with executive resume writing. Second is the package – you may choose from basic, advanced and premium. And the thirst is urgency. The cheapest resume is about 200 USD, as for executive – it’ll cost you about 700 USD. We were not able to find any resume target coupon code to reduce the price. We even asked the support to give us a discount code, but they said they don’t have one.

Customer service and Delivery

In-time contact is very important when you are ordering online. So, it’s highly important to get in touch with the service anytime you need help. This service provides support 24/7 via chat, email and toll-free phone. However, to get in touch you need to wait for 15-20 minutes which is not okay. Usually, services are offering instant contact with the support team since it’s dedicated to helping customers. The support team is polite, but regarding your order or billing, you should still write an email to the corresponding department, since online agents are not responsible for such issues.

At the first glance, the delivery of resume at this service is very easy. You choose the service plan, prepare for the interview and wait until writers create the resume for you. However, this type of service still involves additional questions regarding your previous experience, and calls you’ll get from the writing team or emails can annoy.


User Reviews

Stay away

I was disappointed with the resume they created for me. Also their LinkedIn profile suggestions did not meet expectations as it was essentially a cut and paste from the resume. The resume formatting appears quite outdated and they did not create a document that will stand out in terms of content and style. After reviewing their work with a few other services, I found out that some of the formatting will cause issues for the ATS systems that all recruiters use these days. Even if the document they create for you does pass the ATS, I would be surprised if it generates any buzz with a recruiter or hiring manager.

January 9, 2020
Michael Carroll


I sent in 8 applications for teaching positions, never heard back for an interview. Not one email or phone call. After talking with some ppl in my industry, it seemed my resume (which I made and thought was pretty good) was anything but. So I decided to have a professional write it. Yes, spending $$$ for someone to write a resume doesn’t sound great, and you think you can do it yourself. I am a highly intelligent and educated individual, it’s hard to do. I spent the money and got Kevin as my writer. He was excellent. Spoke to me for an hour and then we began collaborating on my resume. Lo and behold.. 5 days after sending out 3 new applications online, I got TWO interviews! No joke it was like magic. I wish I had just done this from the beginning of my job search because now I feel like I might have missed out on a great job at a great school since those application deadlines expired. Just trust me and have a pro write your resume. Invest the money in your career.. it’ll be the best move you’ll make.

June 18, 2019
Joseph S

Great experience. Very satisfied.

I went with the 199 option and it was well worth it. The interview experience was good and thorough and the resume was leaps and bounds better than the one I had submitted them for review.

June 10, 2019
Ryan Casey

Waste of time and Money

If you are looking for lazy resume services with 3 days turnaround. Stop looking and get resumetarget services. They will ask you to do what you paid for and then copy/paste it on your Linkedin profile. A real scam. There should be a government agency taking care of these pseudo resume service companies.

February 15, 2019
Daniel Arriaga

Excellent Professional Service

I am truly grateful for having done business with Resume Target. After making an initial inquiry, I was promptly called back by a professional, competent individual who took the time to ensure they understood more than just what I wanted in my CV, they wanted to understand me. As a result, the C.V. conveys who I am a and how I have become equipped as opposed to a more sterile here are my skills with no insight as to the person behind them. As guaranteed, I was selected as a candidate and passed my first interview. Undoubtedly this in part had to do with the talent and professionalism attributed to the dedication of the staff of Resume Target and my writer in particular. It mat cost a bit, but it is a worthy investment. Also quite inexpensive when considering other places. They were also expedient in getting it done. In going over my completed C.V. I highly recommend if you want a professional beautifully written CV. and cover letter use Resume Target. They are great! Wendy

September 5, 2018
Wendy Duguid

Average quality

Resume target reviews is not the best company that I would recommend to anyone! The company promised to deliver high quality resumes and we hired them together with my colleagues. We requested them to urgently review our resumes and update the LinkedIn profiles. Our expectations were not met and we had to hire another company.

June 2, 2018
Richard B.

Resumetarget review is a scam

For lack of a better word, I would say that resumetarget review is a scam. The company took my money and never attempted the work that I had requested them to work on. We have raised the issue with them severally and their poor customer service doesn’t allow them to reply to my concerns. I don’t recommend them to anyone.

May 23, 2018

This service charge a lot for its writing, but it shouldn’t cost so much

The quality of resumes is average and after I got it I should have re-write my resume myself because I needed it for tomorrow. I won’t recommend them to anyone.

April 12, 2018
Alison Damasks

The quality of the resume they delivered is okay, but it is not eye-catching

You’ll never get a dream offer with it. However, if it’s your first job and you are not looking for something special and have free money – you may buy your resume here. Otherwise, invest in another service.

March 16, 2018
Greg Atkins

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