Dragon Resume Review

Good Choice or Not?

At first sight, Dragon Resume appeared a bit strange. We compared this service to other resume services, so we found it strange that they offer resume services and then ask you to send them your resume to rewrite it. Is this a writing or rewriting resume company?

This was the first question that we asked when we opened the homepage. After we checked it a bit and read some dragon resume reviews, it was the last thing on our mind. It turns out that this company has a really bad reputation, seeing how nearly every dragon resume review except those on their website, are negative.

As always, we chose to tackle all the questions and got all our answers when we ordered and talked to the company. Keep reading if you want to find out what it is that we learned.



Dragonresume.com may have a nice and good-looking website, but their reputation is failing because they lack quality – and in an extreme way, too. We got ourselves one of their packages and, to our surprise, it turned out that they have more than just resumes in their service list. So, their website and name are a bit confusing, but they get points for giving customers a chance to order cover letters and other products.

In our case, we chose a package that combined a resume, cover letter, and a phone consultation. None of these amazed us is any way and all were a big disappointment. How? Because the resume and the cover letter were vague, template-like, and had many mistakes in them. They were’t unique or focused on the job requirements. Basically, they took our average quality resume and turned it into a worse one.

The phone consultation was perhaps the worst of all of them. The person we spoke to was not a native speaker, so it was hard to understand him. To make matters worse, he didn’t seem to know anything about resume writing, and he just read our resume to us to confirm the data in it. This part didn’t make sense and left us frustrated.


Four packages are offered here. These are their features and their prices:

  • Professional resume for $149
  • Comprehensive development package (resume, cover letter, and expert consultation via telephone) for $249
  • Executive growth package (executive resume, executive strategy session, cover letter, and LinkedIn development) for $399
  • Executive Jump-Start Package (everything from the previous package plus executive coaching via telephone and optional, extra-paid candidate marketing services) for $899

As you can see, the service list isn’t really big in the sense that it lacks some products like thank-you or follow-up letters. But what shocks people most about this list is that their prices are over the roof, which isn’t really good for a company that has such a bad reputation.

We don’t see many people who struggle to land a job to be willing to spend $899 for a resume service.


Dragonresume delivers on time. We know this from our experience and because we didn’t read any complaints about it. Their timeframe is around 4 to 6 days for delivery.

This service has a 60-days guarantee that doesn’t give you a refund, but grants you a free revision if you can prove that you haven’t been called on an interview in two months. That would be a disaster if it happened, so we don’t see a reason why someone would go back to the same writers for assistance, even if it is free.

This guarantee isn’t even offered to everyone. If you choose to get just a resume, you won’t get the guarantee.

We discussed this and many other things with the support. It’s a support that’s hard to reach, even during their work hours. The person we spoke to was professional and nice, but not helpful in any sense. We spoke about our troubles with the quality, and he said that we could go back in 60 days if we don’t get called for an interview. This service takes no responsibility for the lack of quality their writers provide.


User Reviews

Look elsewhere

Ordered a resume(via Groupon) and then added on two cover letters. One generic and one to use to break into a new specialty. Had a friend in the industry coach me on the verbiage that would make my cover letter stand out. Shared this with my writer who did not agree. The writer also added a lot of extraneous information that I had to correct on both cover letters.
Resume writing – I already had a really great resume but wanted it updated. The writer did an OK job with that. Nothing spectacular. Overall experience was definitely “Meh”
I probably could have done it better myself had I taken the time to do so. Save your money look else where.

September 10, 2020
Jeani Fairbrother


I wish so bad I could give 0 stars. They took my professional resume I had built and deleted half of it. They then changed 6 words, and they didn’t update my current work history, which is the only reason I wanted my resume updated. This is a total scam. It’s the worst resume I have ever seen. I swear you will be disappointed.

February 4, 2020
Stephanie Maxwell

Don’t waste your time and money

I would give this service zero stars if that would be possible. I bought the resume/cover letter package hoping for a revamp of my resume. I provided a resume and what I got back was my old resume on a new format and a few slight changes. The cover letter is very general and the template can be found by a simple google search.

Again, don’t wate your time and money

October 11, 2019
Michael I

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