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Facts you did not know about VelvetJobs

Velvetjobs is a popular service used by the professionals to find a job or a perfect candidate for an open position. Their website has a simple website and a few details about the team. Nevertheless, the company provides an attractive to job seekers resume writing service, and if you are here, you are interested in ordering from them. Here is our velvetjobs review and hope it will help you to make a decision.


about velvetjobs

Quality of resumes delivered

Even being an expert in your field, it is sometimes hard to get hired. Websites like Glassdoor, Indeed are overwhelmed with professionals who are ready to work cheap. So, you need to stand out from others, and a quality resume is what you need.

So, before ordering a resume at, you might be interested if they can deliver a resume which will help you to stand out. And we are here to help you! We decided to order a resume from this team. In 24 hours, we had been contacted by a writer who asked several general questions about our applicant experience and assured that in a week, we would get our resume.

velvetjobs strat page

When we got our order to the inbox, we were not impressed with it. The structure was a messed up, and there were some errors in skills. The design was dull and not catchy.

List of services offered by VelvetJobs

When you are looking for a resume writing help, you expect to get some additional support. It may include cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile help, thank you letter and follow up, and most importantly, submission on various platforms.

So, what is velvet jobs? It looks like they are more focused on cooperation with employers. That’s why they don’t have a massive service list and provide either resume samples or a resume writing service to the professionals of different level. The company doesn’t write military resumes as well.

These three packages at the service each of them have its own features. With a high-priced package, you can get a cover letter and thank you letter. The team doesn’t offer submission of job-seeking platforms. Nevertheless, they guarantee that their resumes and CVs are keyword optimized and should pass HR software.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide LinkedIn profile writing service so you cannot get one from them. Now, it’s highly important to be presented online since recruiters are looking on social media presence before interview invitation.


When you are going to order a resume, you are not ready to pay a lot. A price plays a lot. At VelvetJobs, prices are not low. They are twice higher than other professional services offer. So who are your options when ordering from this writing team?

Here you are:

  • Professional resume writing formatted and optimized for keyword tracking software – $199
  • Professional resume + formatted optimized and supported with reusable cover letter – $249
  • Executive resume + – formatted and optimized for keyword tracking software with cover letter and fast turn-around (only 48 hours) – $459

As you see, this team has high prices. Let’s find out what else they can offer in our velvet jobs review.

Customer service and delivery

Customer service is highly important when you are ordering online. Professional resume writers usually provide customer support via chat, phone and email. Here you can get help only via email, and the team doesn’t have other option.

We contact them only once asking about the discount and have got a reply in two days only. The team doesn’t have any discounts to both new and existing customers. Let’s see what guarantees this team has.

Velvetjobs how it works


Many velvet jobs reviews we found online claim that the team doesn’t provide any warranties to their customers. It is conflicting information since the team offers 30 days interview guarantee. And, unfortunately, it is the only guarantee they provide. Nevertheless, in case you have not got an interview invitation, they are going to rewrite your papers. So, you will get two copies from them.

They don’t have a money-back guarantee and doesn’t provide any information if they guarantee that your resume will be original. So, you won’t get any refund even if two copies have not worked for you.

Online reputation

While checking this company reviews online, we found a lot of reports that velvet jobs scam. However, this service is not a scam since it is more focused on employers, so resume writing is an addon. Also, the team operates as a job search website and can be definitely used for this propose.

The section for companies is impressive, and if you are an HR specialist, you should definitely use it to post a job and find a perfect candidate for your company. But still, for job seekers, this team is too expensive, and in some cases it is useless.


VelvetJobs has modern minimalistic website design and hides a good job search platform. The team is not good in resume writing and quite expensive comparing with other companies of that kind. They have no discounts, and if you ordered from them, it’s not possible to get a refund, only a second copy of your resume.


User Reviews

Service is non-existent

I would give this service zero stars if I could. Not only do they charge job seekers an unusually large amount of money, there “assistance” in resume writing and job searching is not any better than you can do yourself on Google. STAY AWAY from this “resume” service. There rotating fees cannot be reversed. My next contact will be my Secretary of State’s office to lodge a complaint about their business practices.

January 4, 2021
Ronald Keller

Leery of using Velvetjobs

For a job seeker, even $1 is out of his severance, UI or savings and it means much. So when Velvetjobs tries to get money from already fiscally challenged job seekers, I feel it is ethically wrong.

Yes, the world is ruthless and an organization that thrives in exploiting the already suffering is really the scum of the earth.

I am on the mailing list and everyday, I receive emails pointing me to Managing Director Positions in various cities. And each time I click the links in my message, I am taken to a page where I have to sign up.

I find that to be in principle wrong.

Velvetjobs should know that they are not the only act in town and there are many, many agencies who are into retained search who do not charge the candidates a cent.

One can always take up a less paying, lower level job to start the cash flow and once something good comes up, leave and move into what is more appropriate for you.

December 16, 2019
Uttam Padukone

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