Should You Use ResumePrime or Not?

Resume Prime says on the website: ‘listen to our customers’. So, that is exactly what we have been doing. However, the very strange part about it was that every customer on the site had great things to say. On the other hand, customers on other websites such as Yelp had many bad things to say. That’s why we proceeded with our prime resume review.


The most important thing when you buy something online, in this case a resume, is the quality. You’re paying for resume writing and expect it to improve your career, so naturally, quality is your priority.

But, as it turns out, it isn’t the same for the service. They claim to provide a prime resume to all and have good samples on the website. But, the quality we read about and actually received as a client was not good enough for the price we paid.

It doesn’t suffice to just say it was bad. does some really unfair business. They ask for your payment, mention a satisfaction and other guarantees, but when you don’t receive what you need, they take no responsibility over it.

The resume we received wasn’t delayed and had no mistakes, but it didn’t look or sound professional. It was obviously written by using some template since it didn’t fit the position we planned to use it for at all.

resume prime homepage

List of Services

This is exclusively a resume service. There isn’t a single package offered. All you can get from them is a resume.
They definitely lack a lot in terms of services since most people who order from professionals look for more than just one part of their application. They don’t have cover letters, CVs, thank you letters, follow up letters, or the popular service of today – LinkedIn profile update.

This lack of service options Is bad, but at least they have many options for resume levels. Customers can choose between the following levels:

  • Professional (2+ years)
  • Executive (C-suite and senior management)
  • Entry level (0 to 2 years)
  • Student (college, graduate, admission)
  • Military transition (2+ years)
  • Federal (federal government jobs)

As you can see, the options for resume levels go beyond what most offer. But without the important services we mentioned, we don’t see many customers using this company for their applications.


The prices matter a lot, especially to those who are trying to land a job that will help them earn some money. Unfortunately, this isn’t a cheap offer, so if you are looking for something affordable, you might want to look elsewhere.

resume prime prices

Not only do they fail to offer packages, but they charge a price for a resume that would cover several items if you order it from another service. The prices are:

  • $190 for professional
  • $230 for executive
  • $150 for entry level
  • $110 for student level
  • $230 for military or federal level

These are pretty high prices even if the quality was impeccable. But judged by resume prime reviews, the resume quality is simply not worth this much.

There isn’t any discount code you can use for your orders.

Customer Service and Delivery

There’s one word we can tell you about the customer service – irresponsible. They don’t share their work hours with you, so you never know when you can find them.

We tried seven times on the phone and finally used the contact form on the website. We waited for four hours before ordering and for 2 days after the delivery.

We spoke to them about the bad resume quality and requested some kind of a rewrite. If not, we asked for a refund.

The agents responded two days later on email, sending us what was probably an automated message. It was vague and basically told us that we aren’t entitled to a rewrite or a refund.

Here is one of the ResumePrime samples

resumeprime sample


We didn’t expect to be fully rejected based on how promising the website looks. But, we should have known better. There isn’t a single guarantee mentioned on the website. So, they don’t really offer you anything. If the resume doesn’t work for you, it is your problem only. Once you receive it, you aren’t entitled to reviews or refunds.

Online Reputation

In most cases, reputation can tell you everything you need to know. This could also be applied here. There are some fine comments that made us check the service, but the bottom line is, most of them are bad. The reputation leans toward bad.

Conclusion has some good qualities as a resume service. Their website is good looking and they have a good range of resume options despite not having other services from resumes. But, in every other sense, they have failed us. Firstly and most importantly, the quality wasn’t good. Secondly, they don’t have a single guarantee, which is devastating. Furthermore, their support is basically non-existent and if they do respond, they don’t really help with anything except ordering. Finally, they are too expensive for such a badly structured service.

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