Great Service or Waste of Time?

Unrealistic feedback on a website is a very bad sign and we could instantly notice the difference between outside comments and those on the site of Still, this might be a tricky business by a company, but it doesn’t always mean bad service.

From the look of the samples you’ll find immediately when you open their website, the resumes look a bit flawed, but they are still in a fine condition. And judging by the pricing, this seems to be a fine combination. So, we were left wondering – why do customers complain about the company if the quality and pricing is as real as they present it to be?

Naturally, we decided to keep looking.


The different comments and experiences in feedback we found only confused us, so to check the quality, we looked at the site and got a resume ourselves. The quality is as most comments say it is, which is unfortunate because the majority are on the negative note.

Resumes delivered by might be cheap, but they all look too much alike, which leads us to the impression many shares on the web – that they use templates to complete orders. Thankfully, if you have an issue with the services you can ask for as many revisions as you need, but since this is nowhere explained on the website, we cannot really tell you how long you can ask these for.

The money back guarantee seems trustworthy to begin with, but not when you actually look into it. Apparently, they refund in cases where they don’t have a writer available, they’ve charged more by mistake, the order is incomplete, or the paper is delayed. Basically, the money-back guarantee doesn’t apply to poor quality.


At the very moment of us writing this review, there is a sale at, but many others mention the same prices, even those who commented years ago, so we guess that this is another marketing trick. Still, the rates are much better than the expected from resume services, and their packages make for an excellent deal.

At Resumention, customers can get a written and edited resume for less than $90 or choose a resume + cover letter package for $83.16. Those packages really make the difference and they seem to be rather popular among their customers. Still, if you take the reputation into consideration, the quality is unexpectedly low even for these fine prices.

In addition to a resume writing or editing service, you can choose among the many offers they have. There are follow-up letters, cover letters, resume designing, LinkedIn bio, and CV writing service. All packages give users a direct contact with the selected writer, as well as the customer service.


The good news is that there is customer service available for everyone at all times, so customers can actually reach when they need them. This isn’t as common as you’d think it is for similar companies.

The bad news is, that customer support can only be reached on the phone and even then, you might not always get an answer. Apparently, they are either too busy, which doesn’t seem to be the real case based on the negative feedback, or they use the excuse of having too many clients when they aren’t working. Whichever the case, it takes quite a lot of time to get in touch with them, which can be a problem for many who need instant assistance.

Delivery is sometimes an issue too, and none of the complaining customers have reported a refund or any apologetic action taken by the service.

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