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Anywhere we go in the world, competition in the job market is on the rise. As people struggle to land their dream job, some of them have a hard time to even be called for an interview. Just because they are not good at writing a good resume, they cannot get passed the initial filtering phase to be shortlisted for an interview. This is where resume writing services come in handy.

When a person pays to get his/her resume written by a professional writer, they definitely expect the service to be top-notch. When they do not have the time to go through third party reviews about the service they use, they have no choice but to believe the customer testimonials that appear on the site itself.
Unfortunately, sometimes those testimonials are fabricated. We observed a similar case with, which is why we decided to write our own resume 2 hire review.



The best way to check out the quality of any service providing site is to try it out yourself. Thus, we placed order with resume2hire through their Professional Growth Resume Writing package. On the website, they have the following 4 packages:

  • Professional Growth Resume Writing Package
  • Career Evolution Resume Writing Package
  • Executive Priority Resume Writing Package
  • Professional LinkedIn Service

When we received the resume, the quality was somewhat similar to what other third-party reviews had mentioned. We used some tools to verify our judgement and check for grammatical, spelling, content originality and word count errors. Unfortunately, there were over 10 grammar mistakes and significant amount of plagiarism detected.

The overall resume was not, however, a complete disappointment. The writer had put in effort to come up with an impressive list of skills that the customer could display, justifying the promotion or raise he/she would want to ask for. We were also able to get some ideas on how to effectively show one’s work experience in a manner that makes a 3 years’ experience sound worth 5 years of work accomplished.

resume2hire process

List of services

The website is actually in partnership with TopResume, and both are offering resume writing services. Their packages as listed above do not really give a full picture of what they do. Those are more like bundles of their services grouped together for a fixed price. Their actual services can be listed as follows.

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile building
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • Proofreading
  • Keyword optimization for previously written resume

They claim that they can deliver a resume so proficiently that the candidate would get an interview call within 2 months of submitting it to a potential employer. Since employers these days also go through the social media profiles of candidates, especially on LinkedIn, they revise LinkedIn profiles as well to make them in line with the resume and cover letter. Then they optimize the profile with appropriate keywords for appearing on top in Google search results.


resume2hire price

The following table shows the price for each of their package. These prices are fixed, and lower than those offered by TopResume for the same services. This appears to be a little red flag. Logically speaking, the only reason their writers would charge less than TopResume writers is if they are less qualified or experienced than TopResume writers, or have a lower rating from their past work.

We cannot talk about their discount offers because we could not find any promo code or resume2hire coupon when we placed the order. We presumed that if there was any resume 2 hire promo code or scheme, it would be stated under the ‘Pricing’ section.



Professional Growth Resume Writing Package

$ 99

Career Evolution Resume Writing Package

$ 139

Executive Priority Resume Writing Package

$ 219

Professional LinkedIn Service

$ 75

Customer service and delivery

Browsing through the website, we could not find any kind of customer support, except for the section on frequently asked questions. As we read through the answers, we found one email address they have provided, in case a user needs to contact them regarding an issue with their payment or order delivery. There is no separate contact page, and the support email address is not mentioned anywhere else, not even in the website footer. In fact, the footer feature does not exist on the website at all. This makes it quite inconvenient for customers to get in touch with them. It gives the impression that they are not much bothered about receiving complaints or assisting customers in their ordering process. We could not trace any telephone number for customer support either.


Their most expensive product, Executive Priority Resume Writing, comes with a 60-day guarantee for getting an interview call from a company. They do not mention, however, the consequences of failure on their part to deliver as per the guarantee. For instance, if a customer does not get an interview even 70 days after submitting the resume to multiple potential employers, would they be providing a refund, revising the resume to restart the 60 days, or giving the customer a job offer themselves?

Online reputation

Going through tons of resume2hire reviews, before and after our small experiment to test their service, we can conclude that their online reputation is average. Some customers have given them a rating of 8+ out of 10, while others have given as low as 2. There were some customers who were indeed satisfied with their service and its quality. Those must be the ones who were able to get a job offer soon after using their service. On the other hand, we read reviews written by some frustrated customers too. Hence, the median or average score for their rating would be 5.


We can say that it is an average site. They must be having a sound customer base as they have survived through their initial years of business. But for keeping up with the competition in the market, they would need to make improvements in their web layout, customer support and quality of resumes they deliver.

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