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Сan you trust this company?

This is a review about Resume valley that is meant to give you an insight into what their service entails and whether or not to trust the company. A cover letter is quite essential and every detail matters. This is why you need an appropriate agency to help you get the job done correctly.


Site overview

Their site layout is rather impressive and convinces a visitor that they are a professional agency. While this is essential, it is equally great if the quality of work would match the design and layout. The usability is also simple and friendly since you can open the site from either your phone or laptop.

resume valley website


The first impression you get from a website will determine how good or bad you view the company. As per our resume valley review, we can confirm that the first impression isn’t bad, though not great either. As a client, you must be looking for impeccable quality of work and nothing short of perfection. Based on the samples available on their site, they are in a standard condition. However, most of these resumes have a few flaws that a customer wouldn’t want to see. But their cost per resume is fair enough and coincides with the quality of work submitted. Most of the feedback posted on the site is negative, and this leaves you questioning the company’s reliability. You might sing praises for yourself as a company, on your website, but the customers are the ones to decide whether your work is impressive or not. We further made an order to prove whether the comments were right or wrong. After one day, we got back the completed resume, and we were not impressed. It was not at par with the quality from other resume writing agencies.

ResumeValley quality

List of services

Although this agency doesn’t offer a vast number of services, they have the primary ones needed by most clients. In addition to the resumes, cover letters and CV’s, they also deal with LinkedIn profile customization or enhancement. They have a reasonable clientele base, who trust their work. But we can ascertain that when we compare their work with other companies dealing in resumes, they are less-performing. Besides, their site doesn’t have comprehensive information on the dates of delivery after every work submission. Moreover, there is no assurance from their end that you are guaranteed quality content. Also, if you are looking to get what professions are under their scope, you will find none. Without this necessary information, it is difficult to judge whether or not they will help you out with your resume. For example, you might be in the real estate field or engineering, seeking a resume that will help you land a job. The site doesn’t provide you with any meaningful list of services based on different fields.


prices of resume valley

Regarding their payment structure, you are assured of saving, if that’s your motive. They have incredibly affordable pricing that starts from $69 for a LinkedIn profile. The average price they charge for a well-structured resume begins from $25. Their resume or CV entails the following segments:

  • A creative cover letter.
  • A copy of the primary resume.
  • A follow-up letter.
  • Resume posting on distinct job boards.
  • A reference page.
  • Resume extras.

You can get a resume valley coupon code that gives you certain free services such as the cover letter, where you can save up to $25 on each order. To qualify for such an offer, you can like their Facebook page.

Customer service and delivery

Support resume valley

According to most resume valley reviews; their customer service is excellent but not the best you can expect from a resume agency. 24/7 customer service is a fundamental part of any organization, especially for a company that operates online. Not only does this enhance trust, but it also makes it easy for customers to post their feedback and queries. The worst-case scenario is a client seeking assistance to no avail. Losing even a single customer can be detrimental to a company’s growth. Based on our research, this company doesn’t have a 24/7 active customer service. We found it hard connecting with them over the phone and on the site too. They only responded after several hours had passed, which is not satisfactory.


They have a money-back guarantee that looks pretty decent until you view it carefully. It doesn’t cover poorly-written work, or low quality resumes. You will only get a refund in the following limited cases:

  1. When the order is incomplete. This happens when you pay for an order and dictate what should be present in the final copy they send. If they omit anything, then you have the right to file for a dispute and demand a refund.
  2. When there is no writer, if say you pay for an order and have a strict deadline that no writer can meet, then you can get a refund.
  3. When you’ve been overcharged, this is when you pay for more than is required.

Online reputation

We can’t say that their reputation is terrible, but neither can we say it is excellent. They have an average online status, and this is seen in the comments posted on the site. There are plenty of negative comments and equally several positive ones. However, it would be advisable if you work with a company that has an impeccable reputation so that you are assured of the quality of work. However, they have been in the market for a while now, if this is anything to go by. Their pocket-friendly pricing also has to be a good reason for their popularity. Users mostly aim to save through such low costs.


In summary, is a trustworthy company to some level. They might get the job done within the confines of your timing, but are you assured of the quality? After all, the main aim of getting a resume done for you is to get unbeatable quality content. Otherwise, there would be no need to place an order as you would rather do the job yourself.


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